Tamping Rammer – Earth Compactor

Vibrating Tamping Rammer for soil compaction by Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd helps contractors in all applications. It aims at bringing work efficiency and enhancing productivity to achieve compaction targets.

What makes our tamping compactor the tool of choice for rental agencies, construction contractors, and civil engineers? It is the forward-moving ability and ease of use.

Our experience and quality consciousness make us the top-rated manufacturer, importer, and supplier of the best engineering and machine tools across the country.

We bring electric tamping rammer that is comfortable and works with fewer vibrations. We assure less fatigue and more productivity. Whether you want to tamp the engineering foundation or groove backfill, our tamping rammer is fit for everything.


  • Sturdy engine for relentless performance
  • Strong pounding power
  • Stable and sturdy base plate
  • Unique noise-reduction technology to lower the amount of engine and shoe noise transmitted to the operator
  • Corrosion-proof, bigger fuel tank
  • Easy to operate tamping rammer compactor with single lever control

Sona Construction Technologies offers superior-quality tamping rammer for sale to construction companies and contractors. Our motto is to keep the tamping rammer price competitive and reasonable.

Construction companies use our tamping rammer compactors for a variety of applications like backfilling, pipework, trench compaction, and foundation work. They are ideal for both outdoor and confined areas.

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