Rebar Tie

Workers at maintenance and construction sites use rebar tying machine to strengthen concrete structures.

Not only it improves knot quality but offers a user-friendly interface and comfortable grip to facilitate secure handling.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Stable performance

A rebar tying tool replaces manual structural reinforcement and enhances employee safety. It improves productivity.It automatically feeds wire around the rods and cuts and twists it at the depression of a trigger.

Rebar ties are durable, lightweight, and need low maintenance.

It is a tough and labor-intensive activity when you tie reinforcing bars. Sona Constructions brings rebar tier that is fully automatic and user-friendly.

It is easy to hold the crossed reinforced bars, feed wire to tie, wind, and cut in a blink. What you get is a perfectly tied knot by one strong, single strand.

Our rebar tier machine is versatile and multipurpose. It is used in numerous applications.

There are several benefits of using rebar tie wire tool. You get the incredible benefit of speed as compared to hand tying. Consistent results and reduction in workplace injuries are other important benefits.

Give a buzz to our team and get the most suitable tier machine to reduce material costs.

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