Rebar Decoiling Machine

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd bring a super-quality rebar decoiling machine specifically designed for straightening robust, round steel. It is ideal for a wide variety of construction setups and steel rolling mills.

Our machinescan be effectively used for ribbed steel, hot rolled steel, cold-rolled rebar, and thread screwed steel, and so on.

What makes our Bar Decoiling Machine different is its supreme precision, high efficiency, and incredible performance.

When you want a machine that gives safe, constant, and high-quality output along with excellent straightening steadiness and cutting quality, our rebar decoiling machine stands heads and shoulders above others.

The key features

  • We assure smooth operations with automatic control panel
  • Each bar Decoiling Machine has high-speed drive rollers for high capacity
  • It isreliable, low-maintenance and effective
  • Low vibrations, convenient adjustment, stable and safe performance
  • Very much useful in rebar processing factories, construction sites, and heavy engineering applications.

For a continuous and flawless performance, a machine must have high traction speed and straightening stability.

We pass each machinethrough stringent quality parameters so that you get the best. A variety of applications uses our machines.

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd is a trusted and reputed dealer, marketer and importer of world-class rebar decoiling machine.

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