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Rebar Cutting Machine - GQ52

A Rebar Cutting Machine is a mechanical device used to efficiently and precisely cut metal bars or rods. It consists of a sturdy frame, a powerful motor of 4 kilowatt and frequency of cutting 28 times/min. The machine allows for accurate cutting diameter 42MM, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labour. It is commonly employed in industries such as construction, manufacturing and metalworking.

Price: INR 75,000

Technical specifications

Specification Value
MODEL GQ52 With Phase Loss Preventer
Rebar Diameter 6-40mm
Cutting speed 32times/min
Motor power 4KW/5.3hp
Input Voltage 380v/415v
Motor speed 2800rpm
Blade size 83X83X25mm
Weight 525kg
Dimension 1560X505X820mm