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Rebar Cutting Machine - GQ40AF

The GQ40AF model is a powerful and durable cutting machine designed for heavy-duty applications. With a weight of 320 kg, it is built to handle demanding tasks with ease. Operating at a voltage of 415 V, this machine ensures a reliable power supply for consistent performance. It boasts a cutting diameter of 28 mm, allowing for precise and efficient cutting through various materials. With a cutting frequency of 28 times per minute, it enables rapid and continuous cutting, enhancing productivity. Equipped with a motor power of 3 kW (4.02 hp) and a rotation speed of 2800 r/min, the GQ40AF delivers reliable and swift cutting, making it suitable for various industries requiring high-quality results.

Price: INR 55,000

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Model GQ40AF With Phase Loss Preventer
Rebar Diameter 6-28mm
Cutting speed 28times/min
Motor power 3KW/4.02hp
Input Voltage 380v/415v
Motor speed 2800rpm
Blade size 83X83X25mm
Weight 320kg
Dimension 1325X440X835mm