Bar Bending Machine

Bar Bending Machine can bend the steel bars with diameter of 06-40mm.After a period of time of using the working plates needs to be changed for 180.Causing a 180 change of internal parts and thus realizing complete use of the machine parts.The abrasion of the machine parts will be even and thus the machine’s longevity will be prolonged. Sona Rebar Bending Machine is an automatic,semi automatic,durable fast and cost effective machine.This Machine used for bending reinforcement bars and make various forms of shapes. This Rebar Bending Machine effectively increases the production capacity of your steel area,Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd Offering a good quality Rebar Bender Machine(GW50,GW42,GW40,GF20 Models). Available in Different Model,for Rebar with maximum diameter upto 40mm(Single Phases/3 phases),32mm and 20mm and can be customized as per Customer/Client Requirement.

Key Features
Different Sizes of bending pins for making various forms of bending rebar
Advanced electrical control with break motors increases machine performance and durability.
Foot Pedal Control switch gives the easy of one man handle for bending bar.
Safety cover provides operators with maximum safety.
Durable,Cost effective,Low Maintenance and Reliable.