Bull Float

Bull Float is a variety of hand screeds. Because of its convenient and easy operation, the float is used for clearing concrete from a large area.

Sona Constructions Pvt Ltd is the leading manufacturer, importer, and supplier of construction equipment and tools.

It brings durable, sturdy, and versatile concrete bull float models for different applications. They offer excellent performance and value for money.

Bull float smoothens the concrete surface once the screed process gets over. It levels the ridges, fills the gaps, and makes the surface ready for other processes.

Use it to settle down the concrete and other material that is mixed with concrete. Due to its length and breadth, the float can cover a large area in one stroke.

It is easy to fix the attachment to concrete grooving float if there is a need for increasing the length. The easy-to-use grips and round edges and insulated handles make it possible to use cement bull float in areas where people need to work overhead power lines.

Owing to the accessibility in diverse materials; bull floats bring a large array of choices to buyers.

They can choose models with different brush lengths, wire thicknesses and handle lengths offered by Sona Construction, the leading company.

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