Bar Threading Machine

The bar threading machine is used for cutting external threads using a tangential chaser, which is used as a cutter. The die head rotates, whereas the chaser remains still. Using different heads; different types of threads are made.

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd designs, manufacture and supply rebar threading machine to offer the highest efficiency and reliable performance even a when the operating conditions are severe.

These machines require low maintenance because they are made using high-quality material and using stringent quality parameters.

Sona Construction Technologies is a reputed rebar threading machine Trader in India. It supplies machines that give a performance at high speed.

Due to precise workmanship and good-quality material, the machines last long. With their relentless performance, the machines stand at-par to international brands.

Qualities of bar threading machines

Each rebar threading machine supplied by Sona Construction Technologies is made to produce quality threads within the intended tolerance limit.

Its heavy-duty geared headbox supports the spindle bearing excellently. The bearings are well-lubricated and perfectly fitted.

The saddle, apron, and vice jaws are tested to withstand performance pressures. The gears have extra-large facing and higher tooth thickness.

Sona Construction Technologies is a trusted rebar threading machine supplier. Give a buzz for business inquiries now.

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