Automatic Stirrup Benders

AUTOMATIC STIRRUP BENDER is a CNC controlled machine that brings a plethora of functionalities to strengthen, stirrup bend and cut steel bars. It automates the work and reduces dependency on human resources.

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd brings STIRRUP BENDER of international quality to accomplish business processes of strengthening, bending and cutting coil wires and making the bars straight.

The variant rebar stirrup making machine is widely used in large-scale steel bar processing factories and construction industries. Steel fabrication plants also require a stirrup bending machine to enhance production efficiency.

An automatic rebar stirrup bending machine can be used in a wide range of applications, which makes it a multipurpose and versatile machine.

It doesn’t matter what type, make, and model of stirrup making machine is used, it always satisfies the user needs. It is a compact, robust, and high-performance machine.

Benefits of stirrups making machine
• Versatile production process
• The flexibility of catering to the changing needs of customers
• Robust and reliable performance
• Combined straightening system brings high-quality finished products

Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd always have sufficient quantity of stirrup machine in stock. It is a big professional manufacturer, leading supplier and exporter of automatic stirrup bending machine in India.

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